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I apply pressure to images and language to crack them open, make them tactile, and dilate them into expanded space. Images and words are my starting points for painted, faceted sculptures, in which I complicate and play with an internal/external push-and-pull. My work speaks to many subjects—politics and power, the body’s visceral reaction to its environment, conversations between the haptic and the retinal—but there is a consistency in my examination of forces in opposition, and a need to open up and aerate an idea. My pieces incorporate visual puns: line becomes edge becomes surface, traversing a borderline of two and three dimensions as a way to think through perception. Putting them through the wringer, taking-apart-and-putting-back-together has become my research and my practice. Through these processes, I discover how chosen images or words operate and communicate what is embedded or compressed within.


Excavating parts of images and language and working by means of material shifts, I build surrogate objects from my sources. The components I use are: sheets of wood, fabric straps, ceramic slabs, and other matter that possesses both a face and an edge. Shapes are traced and re-drawn, cut out, clustered into color palettes, dotted, gridded, balanced, hinged, shuffled and made to follow an internal logic. Sometimes the images and signs cross-pollinate and the final work is a confluence of sources orbiting a singular idea. What I build references the digital, operates in analogue, indexes its own construction, communicates at its own pace, and forms its own agency.


Amy Nathan is a Berkeley, California-based graphic designer, illustrator and artist. She earned her BA and BFA from the University of Michigan in art history and graphic design, and worked as a designer in Chicago and San Francisco before opening her own studio in 1999. Her multi-disciplinary studio specializes in design and illustration for retail, marketing, publishing and identity applications.




Group Exhibitions

Sculpture as a Verb, Underline Projects, Berkeley, CA 2017

Neighbors, Embark Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2017

BluePrint, Slide Space 123, Oakland, CA, 2017

Botanica, Curated by Ken Harman and MacKenzie Stevens

   Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA, 2016

HERE Part II, Curated by Aimee Friberg of Cult Exhibitions
   Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, 2015

HERE Part I, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, 2014

Anne & Mark's Art Party, San Jose, CA, 2014

Penta, Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2010


Solo Exhibition

Lola, Berkeley, CA, 2011


Kala Art Institute, Artist in Residence, 2016






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