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Amy Nathan is a Berkeley, California-based graphic designer, illustrator and artist. She earned her BA and BFA from the University of Michigan in art history and graphic design, and worked as a designer in Chicago and San Francisco before opening her own studio in 1999. Her multi-disciplinary studio specializes in design and illustration for retail, marketing, publishing and identity applications.



My work investigates the overlay of culture on our interior lives. Starting with an outline, a photograph, a trace, a precise measurement, a cast—I gather empirical data to make sculptures, paintings and installations whose formal qualities are pattern- and system-based. I look at how collections of words, images and myths emblaze themselves on our inner eye, dissolving the boundary between the outside world and the non-linear, haphazard, layered nature of our thoughts. Understanding the world through the ways that we can—what it means and feels like to see, absorbing the narratives that feel inevitable to us, and considering the human scale that is inherent to the tools we use. In the work, I pull the data that I’ve gathered apart, indexing form and color through sets and rules—steps of remove allowing the images to move in a temporal and spatial form. The systems of parts I build are wooden, paper, ceramic, metal, painted. In their multiplicity, these structures parallel the systems I feel acting in instrumentalized public space and in privately ordered domesticity. The fabricated and painted works often form patterns, acting as both generative mechanisms and as placeholders for the evidence I gather. I translate the assembled data many times, traversing a borderline of two and three dimensions, their final forms collecting meaning through their meticulous production.



Alite Designs


American Girl

Arcadia Landscaping

Axiom Healthcare Group

Campo Experimental

Chronicle Books

Connections Media

Cygnus Expositions

Decamp Design

Ethos Water

Emeryville Celebration of the Arts

Feria Urbana

Form Vintage Modern

Franklin Square Group

Go There Coaching

Kate's Cakes

Kryolan Corporation

LeapFrog Enterprises

Lola Home








LTC Consulting


My Own Montessori

New Center Council

Newman Metalworks


Riaz Group

Rosso Pizzeria + Wine Bar

Russian Hill School


SCS Advisors

Sierra Pacific Casting

Starbucks Coffee Company

Tarsian & Blinkley

Tiny Atlas Quarterly


Wicking J. Sleepwear

World of Good










Group Exhibitions

Neighbors, Embark Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2017

BluePrint, Slidespace 123, Oakland, CA, 2017

Botanica, Curated by Ken Harman and MacKenzie Stevens

   Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA, 2016

HERE Part II, Curated by Aimee Friberg of Cult Exhibitions
   Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, 2015

HERE Part I, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA, 2014

Anne & Mark's Art Party, San Jose, CA, 2014

Penta, Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2010


Solo Exhibition

Lola, Berkeley, CA, 2011


Kala Art Institute, Artist in Residence, 2016