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Amy Nathan is a Berkeley, California-based graphic designer, illustrator and artist. She earned her BA and BFA from the University of Michigan in art history and graphic design, and worked as a designer in Chicago and San Francisco before opening her own studio in 1999. Her multi-disciplinary studio specializes in design and illustration for retail, marketing, publishing and identity applications.



In my paintings, I combine photorealism and abstraction, the natural and the graphic, interior and exterior. Working within the art historical tropes of landscape, still life and the figure, I explore methods to reconcile my organic, temporal body to the visual lexicon of the digital. Strategies I use to work through this idea include measurement, counting, control, accumulation, time and memory.


I use low-resolution digital photographs and video stills as the first in a series of building blocks for my work. Using many layers of process, I transform the informal quality of the photographs into considered, densely crafted paintings with a lens of abstraction and with fictional or amplified detail. In these digital images there is data lost—when you zoom in, the images become soft and pixelated, and the specificity is gone. I am focused on creating a data gain to inform a reconstruction, knowing that to make a painting or sculpture I’ll have to work from the absence of information. I try to heighten or replace the experience within the picture, to make visible my emotion or my body’s sympathy to the subject.




Alite Designs


American Girl

Arcadia Landscaping

Axiom Healthcare Group

Campo Experimental

Chronicle Books

Connections Media

Cygnus Expositions

Decamp Design

Ethos Water

Emeryville Celebration of the Arts

Feria Urbana

Form Vintage Modern

Franklin Square Group

Go There Coaching

Kate's Cakes

Kryolan Corporation

LeapFrog Enterprises

Lola Home








LTC Consulting


My Own Montessori

New Center Council

Newman Metalworks


Riaz Group

Rosso Pizzeria + Wine Bar

Russian Hill School


SCS Advisors

Sierra Pacific Casting

Starbucks Coffee Company

Tarsian & Blinkley

Tiny Atlas Quarterly


Wicking J. Sleepwear

World of Good










Kala Art Institute

Artist in Residence

January-March 2016


Group Exhibition


Botanica, Curated by Ken Harman and MacKenzie Stevens

Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA


Group Exhibition


HERE Part II, Curated by Aimee Friberg of Cult Exhibitions
Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA


Group Exhibition


HERE Part I, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA


Group Exhibition

Anne & Mark's Art Party,
San Jose, CA


Solo Exhibition


Lola, Berkeley, CA


Group Exhibition


Penta, Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA